The Science Behind EcoSeal
Proven performance from a patent-pending, totally unique product line. EcoSeal's products are patent-pending for a good reason—there's absolutely nothing else like them on the market. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also based on nanotechnology, a science that helps us create new products at the molecular level.

One result of the science of nanotechnology is that EcoSeal products go beyond merely coating the surface you apply it to, to actually bonding with that surface, sealing invisible pores and fissures without adding weight or dimension, which is why our products last so long and protect so well.

Another result of the science behind EcoSeal is the products' light-activated sanitization properties. EcoSeal's patent-pending formula triggers a reaction with natural and ambient light that oxidizes germs, viruses and harmful VOCs. Further, it improves the energy efficiency of surfaces like windows by providing a Low-E insulating effect.

Independent test results prove the unique qualities of EcoSeal products.
Developed by a PhD biochemist and nanotechnologist, EcoSeal's products for homeowners and the transportation and facilities management industries stand up to their claims in scientific testing:

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