EcoSeal For Your Home 
EcoSeal Homeowners LightswitchA surface finishing product that's as good to your family as you are.
You want to know that the products you use around the home are safe. But did you know there are products that actually improve the health and safety of your home?

"You’re a savior! My 2 kids, ages 2 and 5 make a mess of the back of my car. I used your [product] on the console, inside door panels, vinyl seat backs and windows – now when I clean up, it takes no time. Plain water on a micro-fiber towel does the trick!"

Leslie Nesbitt
Keller, Texas

EcoSeal's line of nanotechnology-based sealants and protectants represent a scientific breakthrough that allows you to do just that. When professionally applied on indoor or outdoor surfaces, EcoSeal products keep your windows, doors, light switches, doorknobs, countertops, mirrors, shower glass, appliances—virtually any hard surface*—cleaner, longer. Unlike a wax or polish, EcoSeal's unique formulation actually bonds to surfaces, smoothing out invisible pores and fissures to provide benefits other products can't:

"I’ve tried your [product] on my granite counter top, my mirrors and the tile and glass door of our shower. It went on so easily and finished so smoothly that nothing sticks to my counters, and soap residue and water marks whisk right off the tile and glass. I used to spend an hour cleaning the bath, and now it takes just a few minutes."

Shirley Schulz
Falmouth, Massachusetts

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*EcoSeal's finish makes surfaces so smooth that our products should not be used on floors.


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