EcoSeal For Facilities 
A breakthrough product that makes facilities cleaner and healthier for occupants. From walls, windows and counters to high touch points like doorknobs and light switches, the EcoSeal line of non-toxic, nanotechnology-based products sanitizes and protects like no other products can. In fact, Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' testing shows EcoSeal-treated surfaces actually inhibit the growth of germs, viruses and VOCs.

"I have been using your products in my business, Aqualazer Power Washing, for more than three years. My customers include UPS (4 warehouse distribution centers), a Coca-Cola Distributor's fleet, P.A. Landers Construction executive fleet, your own personal vehicles, my own vehicles and many private customers. I've used EcoSeal Indoor and Outdoor finishes on commercial and residential buildings, inside and out; trucks, cars, boats, construction equipment and none of my customers has ever been dissatisfied with the result. In fact I've gotten several referrals. The addition of your line to our services has helped us weather the recent business down turn and generated happy, repeat customers."

Tim Connolly, President

Simply apply EcoSeal Indoor to interior surfaces and EcoSeal Outdoor to exterior surfaces like a spray wax, but achieve longer lasting, more impressive results. EcoSeal's eco-friendly products don't coat surfaces, they infuse and bond with them, filling invisible pores in finishes and making them gleam*. Plus you'll achieve benefits beyond any polish or wax you're currently using:

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*EcoSeal's finish makes surfaces so smooth that our products should not be used on floors.


EcoSeal for Facilities Overview

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