EcoSeal, Eco-Friendly 
High-performing products you can feel good about.
EcoSeal products protect and seal surfaces in ways you never thought possible. Yet they're also good for the environment and for you. It's all due to emerging nanotechnology-based science that's making breakthroughs in the way people protect, and subsequently clean, both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

One of the unique aspects of using EcoSeal Indoor on interior surfaces and EcoSeal Outdoor on exterior surfaces is the products' photocatalytic oxidation. That means that treated surfaces react with both natural and ambient light to oxidize germs and bacteria, eliminating them not just on the surface, but also in the immediately surrounding air.

This same process also neutralizes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In essence, EcoSeal products make everything from counters, light switches and doorknobs to windows and walls in homes, buildings and commercial vehicles self sanitizing. Plus, the products themselves: [link to Homeowner, Facilities and Transportation pages]

"It’s nice to be environmentally friendly, but it’s great to be mommy friendly! I’ll never use anything else again. Thank you for saving me so much time and worry. I use [EcosSeal Indoor] to protect all my furniture, cabinets, countertops and bath fixtures too."

Leslie Nesbitt
Keller, Texas

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